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Passive Real Estate Income.
Goal: 9% - 14%/yr.
Paid Quarterly.

Next property:
Airbnbs on a 1200 acre
Wyoming ranch.

* Future looking statements, not guarantees

Intro video

A quick overview on

what we're doing at


Learning Center

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Table of categories

How investors get paid.
Percentage splits, etc.

Investment in large commercial portfolio.

What, How, Why, etc.

Action Cabins: Current and
potential projects.

Action Cabins: Strategies to
increase demand. 1, 2 & 3

Action Cabins: Team experience and focus areas. Backgrounds and division of labor.

Action Cabins: Action Cabins: How big is the market?

What does Graystoke mean by "applying Warren Buffet principles to real estate"?

How does Graystoke plan to give back?

Action Cabins: Strategies to 
reduce upfront costs.

Action Cabins: What if questions.
Recession, Covid, inflation, etc.
What could go wrong?

How investors get paid
Percentage splits, etc

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