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How stable is the management team? What’s their previous experience?

Short Answer

The team first started to work together on different kinds of properties in 2000’s.

Personal experience includes:

  • Jess: Investment Banking @ Citi.

  • John: Former Income Trust CFO, Millions of his own commercial properties.

  • Lindsay: Fund Co-Founder with Vatican. Advises Billionaires and celebrities on their philanthropy.

  • Nick: Former Co-board member with billionaires and multi billion dollar companies.

Medium Length Answer

John Verhesen grew up in a real estate family, and in addition to taking over his family’s portfolio, separately he has owned his own millions of dollars of commercial estate starting in 1988 across hospitality, industrial, commercial and SFR.

In 2001 John became Jess Larsen’s business mentor, and they started working together. In 2005, after Jess’s time at one of the largest investment banking firms in the world, Citi, where he was on a mergers and acquisitions team, they became business partners. Later that year brought on Jess’s brother Nick Larsen and they raised millions of dollars for developers building large Master Planned communities around Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer golf courses. Since then they have operated multiple businesses together including income producing energy properties with multi-billion dollar partners, as well as industrial real estate. In the middle of all this, in 2009, Jess, John and Nick with their spouses founded a charity called Child Rescue Association that has spent the last 13 years combating child trafficking and exploitation. Nick’s personal commercial real estate holdings are in the fitness and industrial sectors.

Our partner Lindsay Hadley is a founding member of the first impact investing fund to partner with the Vatican, and her largest real estate ROIs have been in the Park City Area and Hawaii.

Jess began working with Lindsay Hadley in 2002 and then in 2009 brought her in to be the first Executive Director of Child Rescue Association where she was able to get the billionaire founder of Viacom, Sumner Redstone, to give Child Rescue one and a half million dollars that round the charity for the next seven years. Lindsay’s other business, Hadley Impact Consulting, advises billionaires and celebrities on their philanthropy. Her clients include Kevin Bacon and Hugh Jackman’s wife Deborah Lee as well as the United Nations and others.


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