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I'd like more of a fuller explanation: low middle high return. Don’t just give me best case scenario

After expected expenses, fees and profit split with us the general partner, the following are the rate of return profits that we would expect you the investor to receive from the funds investments in the following properties.

1200 acre Wyoming ranch. $170k invested in 4 luxury glamping tents and sites = 2/3 of rental profits. (Partner being all land costs = 1/3 of rental profits.)

  • Lower: $100 /night X 30% occupancy = 11.4%/yr

  • Medium: $200 /night X 40% occupancy = 24.7% /yr

  • Higher: $300 /night X 50% occupancy = 41.5% /yr

Waterfront Puget Sound: $2,300 investing in travel labor cost of the waterfront tiny timber frame cabin.= 1/3 of rental profits (all other building and land costs covered by partner = 2/3 rental profits).

  • Lower: $100 /night X 50% occupancy = 117.8%/yr

  • Medium: $175 /night X 60% occupancy = 241.5%/yr

  • Higher: $250 /night X 70% occupancy = 398.8%/yr

As always, we do not have a crystal ball to know the future and these are not guarantees. Please check the Private Placement Memorandum for full risk factors, etc.


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