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Why are you and your team able to pull this off?

Short Answer

Our life times of experience in action sports & outdoor adventures. We, our families and our friends' families are our most ideal client. We know our customers better than any outsider could. Including what kind of amenities, art and design will attract them to want to stay with us.


Our backgrounds investing, leading teams who have run our hospitality, other types commercial real estate and retail businesses.


When it comes to adapting Warren Buffett’s investment principles to real estate we believe we are more committed than 99% of other firms.

Medium length Answer

Jess has lead the team's fundraising of tens of millions of dollars for other projects. He has the network because of his investment banking experience and podcast to get the fund partnerships with land owners and actions sports companies. He went to art school and heads up our design side of business. Also he’s a backcountry snowmobile snowboarder, surfer, skateboarder who dirt bikes mountain bikes and grew up with our co-founder and his brother Nick, in an intensely outdoor family.

In addition to Jess’s action sport list Nick went to university on track scholarships and is a serious trail runner, hiker and fisherman. For running the business, Nick’s experience day to to day operating commercial real estate businesses has made him an expert at systems. He studied computer science in school and is very technical for both hardware and software. He will be running all of our website app integrations, as well as the technology aspects of our properties. Also he’s currently welding, constructing and assembling the electronics of our 20 foot by 8 foot custom CNC machine and our custom aerated concrete mixer.

John has hospitality ownership experience going all the way back to the late 80s, and has run real estate based retail businesses with managers at multiple locations leading dozens of staff simultaneously. From an outdoor credibility standpoint John is out fishing somewhere in the backcountry almost every single weekend, and has been most of his life.

He’s and addicted fisherman and is the only person we know who is so into fishing they bought a Snowbear. (It’s like a small motorhome but on snowmobile tracks that has holes in the bottom for ice fishing out of when it's freezing outside).

Because of Lindsay’s years of working with billionaires and “A” list celebrities she is extremely well positioned to get land partnerships with the ultra wealthy who own some of the most stunning properties in the world. She’s raised tens of millions directly and over $3 billion for charity through the concerts she’s produced. She has years of experience getting literally billions of media impressions for the projects she was in charge of.


Tons of people claim they like Warren Buffett, but we have over twelve years experience reading 6,000+ pages of Warren Buffett books, have attended his annual shareholders meetings, taken classes about his principles, taught classes about his principles to CEOs. We’ve also studied his mentors Ben Graham and Phil Fisher, his partner Charlie Munger and his most ardent real estate followers like Bruce Flatt of $600bn Brookfield and Howard Marks of $170bn Oaktree.


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